Manufacturer of Plastic Machinery
H.D.P.E.Pipe Plant
The brand name Manufactured by "Sandhya Engineering Works" for HDPE/PVC pipe plant offers various type of machineries which suits to the special requirement of the customer it gives on output up to 250 kg/hr in various sizes with a diameter of 16 to 200 mm with the years of farmidable experience & the use of Cutting edge technology, "Sandhya Engineering Works" has come out with the machinery which take care of minimum breakedown and the enhancement of production with minimum wastage. Unlike any other machine "Sandhya Engineering Works" has developed a special type of System Tank, Sizes & Water Spray System to accelerate faster rate of Production, hence giving out greater profits.
Application of HDPE Pipes
Portable water supply.
Sprinkler irrigation system.
Agriculture irrigation system.
Chemicals Slurry pipeline system.
Domestic water supply & Drainage system.
Borewell & Submersible water pumping system.
Telecom duct with inner coating of silicon.
Printing Machine
Easy to Operate and Maintain
Scope of making 10mm to 160mm
Out side Diameter
Every one meter Marking
Brass Counter and Disply Provided